Artist: Krisson “Seraphim” Joseph
Title: One More Carnival
Produced and Arranged by: Mtothepower4 Studios and Krisson Joseph
Composers/Writers: Krisson Joseph
Live Drums by Dareem Chandler
Live Bass by Andre Jack
Live Keyboard by Makesi Joseph
Live Guitar by Krisson Joseph
Back Ground Vocals by Maya Guerra, Nickaela James, Tehilla Jones, Krisson Joseph
Recorded by Mtothepower4 Studios
Mixed by Mtothepower4 Studios
Mastered by Mtothepower4 Studios


Everyone trying to explain
It will never be again
The way it used to be
Before we do this thing virtually
And though I don’t want to be the one
Refusing to move on
I’m still trapped in the memory
Of doing things physically

I need one more chance to hug up
When we get real close I feel drug up
One more chance to hold yuh waist
And wine down face to face
One more J’ouvert sunrise
Shinning in mih woman eyes
The heartache is getting critical
Lord give me one more Carnival

If only I did know
The way this thing would go
The carnival that past
Ah woulda really play mih mass
Every single jump would touch the sky
Because this music makes me high
Bumper would surely touch the ground
As my spirit is heaven bound

The spirit is strong, they can't hold we down
Our ritual, is culturally vital
Even virtual, believe Carnival
Can't die at all, is much more than just bacchanal
Yuh see my next Carnival
Ent no time for rationale
Pure love go be mih guide
And my joy will not be denied
Regardless how Carnival evolve
Ah holding my resolve
Not taking for granted anymore
The blessings which are in store

No escaping what yuh feeling, Carnival in the air
Yuh can't cancel natural occurrences in the atmosphere
Like day turns to night
At this time, every Trini spirit takes flight