Joseph’s take on the calypsos and soca songs was very different, at times there was folk, then there was a bit of R&B, a touch of jazz and even a sprinkling of operatic theatre. – Newsday, March 11, 2020.

Krisson “Seraphim” Joseph is a calypsonian, multi genre vocalist and composer of formidable stock; being the son of calypso great The Penguin.  Through his company Caribbean Griot Music, Krisson hosts the increasingly popular In Defence of Calypso series, now a mainstay of the calypso calendar.  In addition to his work in calypso, his vocal range and dexterity allow him to move seamlessly between genres as varied as jazz, folk, opera, gospel and rhythm & blues ballads. 

He recently took to the Carifesta stage at NAPA and the Big Black Box on four separate occasions each time showcasing a different aspect of his wide ranging talents.  Of particular note was his role as Musical Coordinator and title song Composer for The National Theatre Arts Company’s staging of the world famous Trinidadian play, Moon on a Rainbow Shawl by Errol John.  His theatre credits are as wide ranging as his vocal prowess.  In one instance he took up the mantle of Musical Director with the Malick Folk Performing Company, composing eight original pieces of music for their Best Village winning performance of “The River”. On other occasions he has taken lead roles in musical theatre performances of Beauty and the Beast and Fiddler on the Roof.  Beyond this he has played lead roles in three operas hosted by the Classical Music Development Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago and Picoplat Music Development Foundation.  Given his strong calypso background however it should be no surprise that he also took up a lead role in the Canboulay Productions staging of Rawle Gibbons’ Sing De Chorus.  In each of these roles both on and off stage Krisson has been on the receiving end of rave reviews, proving that he has managed to not merely attempt different styles but to grasp their performance features.

That said, Seraphim certainly shines in the calypso arena.  In Defense of Calypso, a show which he has produced for the last six years has been a platform for him to showcase his facility in calypso.  Born in Calypso History Month 2014, the concept which gave life to this annual calypso production is twofold.  In the first instance, as the name suggests, Seraphim stands in defense of the great art form and represent it as being rich and relevant.  Secondly he treats the show as a dissertation.  That is to say, in the same way that a student produces work around a chosen theme and is called upon to defend the work, he chooses a theme and presents it to the public as if defending a thesis.  This year, in response to the pandemic, and with a focus on the future, the theme of In Defence of Calypso VI is SURVIVAL: Remembering Resilience.  The current global health situation has moved the event online, but calypso fans are sure to be as enthralled with this production as they have always been.  To gain access to the performance persons are asked to visit Seraphim’s website ( and purchase a subscription to make you one of his official examiners, where you can judge for yourself.  The verdict had however arrived much earlier than scheduled. Defence successful. – Trinidad Guardian, November 1, 2018.