In Defense of Carnival

De Las Lap Kaiso Jam

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This specially curated performance follows the pattern of the hugely successful In Defense of Calypso Series and will as always feature calypsoes around the chosen theme.  With Carnival celebrations severely  curtailed by the Global Pandemic, Seraphim & Co. remind us that the Spirit of Carnival lives on for as long as we do.  Calypsonians over the decades have said as much.  Come join the Kaiso Jam to hear the words of wisdom from our calypsonians and of course to keep that Carnival Spirit alive in your heart.

Seraphim is joined by Theron Shaw (guitar), Tony Paul (sax and flute), Von Best (percussion), Andre Jack (bass), Ajibola (percussion), Haniff Goodridge (steelpan), Maya Guerra/Tehilla Jones/Nickaela James (supporting vocalists)

In Defense of Calypso VI

Latest Track

This ode to Carnival is a reminder that the spirit of the festival lives in us all, and that challenges of any kind can only make the Carnival stronger.