It’s a sad sight to see
Cause souls crave liberty
Unity! Solidarity!
Batay la Kontiné
Vini annou alé
Batay la ke wive kontinèlman

Inequity is a curse
A scourge on the universe
There will be strife and enmity
If yuh cyah respect my identity
So long as the powers that be
Marginalize a community
Every Ism must be brought low
Or the embers will continue to glow

Some living in poverty
Don’t have real access to society
Frustration does build up slow
But one day the gasket go blow
Those living on the extremity
Have little hope for their destiny
We keep claiming how much we care
When there’s so much suffering everywhere

Where truth and justice abides
You cannot have good people on both sides
Either stand for truth and rights
Or prepare for what bigotry incites
We got to work to extinguish hate
A movement of love we got to create
What good for some must be good for all
Babylon, time yuh kingdom fall

How can we ignore the blood
Under foot stomped in to the mud
Sad to say but eventually
The pain we ignore go reach all ah we
The status quo is the enemy
On social justice we got to agree
Humanity edging to anarchy
We keep living this tale of two city